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The recruitment process is well known for burning up both time and resources. Advertising the position, filtering through applications and interviewing can be relentless and exhausting, especially for big companies who may have a high turnover. This pressure increases when you have to fill business critical roles.

It can be difficult not only finding the right candidate who possess the experience and leadership skills needed, but also the right attitude and personality to fit your business. Happy employees are productive employees after all.

At Rhys Moore we are committed to making the recruitment process easier for you as a recruiter. Tell us about your company, the role and what kind of person and skillset you’re after, and we’ll do the rest.

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Filling Key Posts with Key People

Leadership positions come in all shapes and sizes – but we’re not a one size fits all recruiter. We specialise in the recruitment of consultancy and strategy professionals at all levels for top-tier consulting firms, ‘Big 4’ and boutique operations, as well as in-house roles for start-ups and large corporates.

This encompasses roles in Management Consulting and In-House Strategy, as well as Senior and C-Suite positions. We recruit globally and can look to fill roles across the UK, Europe, Australia, South-East Asia and North America.

Although many of the candidates for this type of role are already high profile, finding the right people for the job, and then convincing them to move is no easy task. Let us find and approach the right candidates to find you a successful employment match.

Our service is confidential, so we can give us much or as little information as suits your business to attract candidates to a post.

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Andrew is a highly efficient and effective recruiter, who has managed to master the art of persistence without pushiness. Andrew took the time to understand the company and their needs from the get go, and has taken feedback on board to adapt the type of candidates presented each time. His experience in the industry really shines through.

Georgia Massie-Taylor, Foundation Inventor, ?What If! Innovation

As a niche strategy consultancy we hadn’t found it easy to recruit people at senior levels. Andrew took on the task of finding someone that matched our unusual requirements. He took the trouble to understand our culture and way of doing things.

Darrell Jaya-Ratnam, Managing Director, DIEMconsulting

What I liked about working with Andrew was his ability to understand me, read between the lines, and listen to what wasn’t being said. So not only did he provide candidates that suited the role, he also matched their personalities and characteristics to the department as a whole.

Michael Light, Project Manager, Capita Insurance and Investor Services

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